Fixing Pipeline Problems; Performing Pipeline Rehabilitation Agenda 21- October 2014

August 14, 2014


Performing Pipeline Rehabilitation- Course Programme

21-22 October, 2014, Berlin Germany



Deterioration Mechanisms                        Causes of pipeline problems and consequences

Rehabilitation Options                                What overall methods can be considered

In-plant Rehabilitation                               Reconditioning pipe in a stationary facility

Out of the Ditch Rehabilitation                  Case Studies of recoating a large diameter gas line in Canada and Russia

In-Situ Projects                                             Working on live lines

Case Studies- Oil Line                                   Recoating an operating large diameter of oil line in Kazakhstan and Canada

Case Study- Gas Line                                    Recoating an operating large diameter gas line in Canada

Inspection                                                       Inspection of the pipeline in the field


Internal Corrosion                                      Case studies of internal rehabilitation projects

Repair                                                            Methods for repairing pipeline defects in the field- pros and cons

External Strengthening of a line             Increasing the operating pressure of existing pipeline externally

Internal Strengthening of a line              Increasing the operating pressure of an existing pipeline internally

Coating Removal                                        Equipment available for removal of existing coatings in the field

Surface Preparation                                  Surface preparation equipment and product rates

Coating Materials issues                          Selecting the new coating and application equipment needed

Estimating Costs                                       Equipment and manpower requirements

Review                                                        Questions and Answers

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