Tributyltin Review Paper

April 7, 2009

Waste Treatment-Metals

January 2003, a ban on the application of tributyltin TBT -based antifouling paints; and 1 January 2008 as the last date for having TBT-based antifouling paint on a vessel.

duct an independent international calibration of environment by mankind’ Goldberg, keynote adavailable alternative non-TBT marine coatings.

and 3 the cost benefits from the use of these waters, see papers published in the Proceedings coatings was estimated to be from $100 to $130 of the International Organotin Symposium of the million annually in fuel avoidance savings costs.

Paint Control Act of 1988′ OAPCA which was signed into United States law by President Reagan on 16 June 1988.

These new regulations, introduced in Jan-The first regulatory action in the UK to reduce uary 1987, reduced the maximum allowable tin the environmental impact of organotin comcontent of copolymer paints from 7.5 to 5.5% pounds from antifouling paint was announced by the Environment Minister in Parliament on 24 1986, which amended the Control of Pollution trol of Pollution anti-fouling paints Regulations.

These prohibited the retail sale and the supply for retail sale of antifouling paints containing a triorganotin compound as well as the wholesale and retail sale of anti-fouling treatments containing such a compound.

above interim measures were insufficient and that ‘a total ban on the use of TBT antifouling paints on all vessels including vessels engaged in international voyages should be introduced as soon as possible as an international agreement’.

MEPC agreed to request the IMO by the industry; but that the international traffic Council meeting in November 1999, for approval of large ships in Japanese waters is their main of ‘the holding of a 1-week diplomatic conference source of TBT pollution today.

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