Vent Plenums, Ducts, and Trunks

April 5, 2009

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1.1 Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Paintings Requirements for Vent Plenums, Ducts and Trunks.

MSDS and manufacturer’s ASTM F 718 sheets, Shipbuilders and Marine Paints and Coating Product / Procedure Data Sheet for coating systems being applied for specified area.

4.5.1 Record and restore existing painted labels, compartment designations, and other painted information that will be removed or covered during cleaning and painting operations.

5.1.1 Disconnect and remove ducting at first break in ducting, and blank flange ducting ends.

If flash rusting occurs, the extent of the flash rust will determine the correct method of managing the flash rust.

13.1 On completion of final checkpoint of all refurbished components, direct reinstallation of all components.

14.1 CHECKPOINT (Finished Painted Surfaces): Accomplish IAW Table 631-11-1, IV (Cure/Post Cure).

14.1.2 Coating imperfections found, which may cause premature coating failure, shall be corrected before the paint system is accepted using appropriate touch-up procedures specified in paragraph 7.12.

14.1.3 In order to pass the checkpoint, any Appendices required by the certified coating inspector shall be up to date or completed and submitted to QA.

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