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April 5, 2009

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A Primary Mission of the Council is to promote effective means of surface preparation in the maintenance industry using water and water/abrasive blasting techniques.

MSDS and manufacturer’s ASTM F 718 sheets, Shipbuilders and Marine Paints and Coating Product / Procedure Data Sheet for (Applicable QPL) Coating System Being Applied.

4.8.4 A dust collector is required during the abrasive blasting process, the dust collector shall run a slight negative pressure to contain dust generated during abrasive blasting in a zone.

1. From a man lift (JLG) prior to the assembly of staging.

2. After the staging has been assembled, prior to the installation of the containment bulkheads, flameretardant PVC fabric covering, plywood containment bulkheads or any other aspect of the containment is setup (see Figures 1 & 2).

The containment bulkhead for each zone shall be sealed sufficiently to contain abrasive blasting dust and grit within the zone during abrasive blasting.

During the process the containment bulkheads are moved from the initial installation location just enough to expose the surface under the containment bulkhead (footprint, see Figure 3).

4.15.1 Take control of well deck overheads paint zones per the Event Schedule and restrict entry to urgent cases only, as determined by the Ship Superintendent.

PHASE 4: Abrasive PHASE 3: Paint this blast & clean this zone zone IAW paint simultaneous to painting system being applied in Zone 4.

13.3 CHECKPOINT (Tack coat): Verify tack coat is applied IAW Table 631-11-1, IV (Cure/Post Cure).

Product Manufacturer Expiration Date Color Applied Product VOC Base Portion Batch!

Plural Airless Conventional Airless Temperature Setting At Heater Temperature At Tip Hardener Portion Batch!

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