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April 5, 2009

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The Advisory Council is a sponsor of the Lydia Frenzel Conference Series.

The 2001 Shipyard Environmental Issues Track of the Southern States Annual Environmental Conference (“SSAEC”) consists of a series of papers and presentations prepared for, and given at the 11th Southern States Annual Environmental Conference in Boluxi, Mississippi from September 24 — 27, 2001.

Many shipyards throughout the United States are in various stages of “struggling” with federal and state stormwater management requirements.

While, not unique in this regard, the Shipyard industry sector presents many issues that make implementing an effective stormwater management program difficult.

These include the following: (1) Shipyards generally are located at, and/or perform industrial operations at the intersection of the three environmental media: air, land and water, (2) Shipyard operations are job-shop in nature, and (3) common Shipyard processes, such as blasting and painting, must move to that area of the yard where the work piece (typically, the ship) is located.

As a result, pollutants generated from Shipyard operations tend to be immediately accessible to the environment, and may change frequently in type, magnitude and location of generation/discharge.

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