Passing Checkpoints and Supervisory Responsibilities

April 5, 2009

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A Primary Mission of the Council is to promote effective means of surface preparation in the maintenance industry using water and water/abrasive blasting techniques.

Checkpoints and final inspections shall be signed off by certified coating inspectors.

4.3.3 COATING INSPECTOR CERTIFICATION: Documentation shall be maintained verifying that only certified paint inspectors are used for inspecting preservation work.

4.10.5 Accomplish a cleanliness inspection on a daily basis whenever work is in progress.

The inspection shall be made jointly with the SUPERVISOR and the designated representative of the ship’s Commanding Officer.

Heavily rusted or corroded area, damaged metal and holes in the structure or piping shall be documented and provided to ship’s force and Responsible Contracting Authority to determine if further structural evaluation or NDT is warranted and for possible repair before surface preparation.

11.3.2 All tests and inspections noting unsatisfactory conditions shall result in the termination and rescheduling of the checkpoint.

15.1.2 Paint and tile system imperfections found, which may cause premature coating failure, shall be corrected before the tile system is accepted.

15.1.3 In order to pass the checkpoint, any Appendices required by the certified coating inspector shall be up to date or completed and submitted to QA.

Any Router which has adjustable depth-of-cut and is compatible with an inlay kit.

Instead of using the router to create the template, the template could be created by milling a piece of 1/8″ or 1/4″ metal or hard plastic.

Three (minimum) or four “C” or other type of clamps, appropriate for assembling the backing plate, tile, and template into an immovable sandwich while routing.

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