Overboard Discharge Lining

April 5, 2009

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A Primary Mission of the Council is to promote effective means of surface preparation in the maintenance industry using water and water/abrasive blasting techniques.

1.1 Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Painting Requirements for Overboard Discharge Lining.

MSDS and manufacturer’s ASTM F 718 sheets, Shipbuilders and Marine Paints and Coating Product / Procedure Data Sheet for coating systems being applied for specified area.

4.5.1 Record and restore existing designations and hull markings, which will be removed or covered during cleaning and painting operations.

Coverage will be a minimum of two inches beyond the first transition weld and include a two inch diameter around the outside of the weld on the skin of the ship.

6.4.2 Feather edges of adherent paint remaining, back 2 inches after cleaning.

7.8 PAINT APPLICATION: The use of single or plural component spray equipment is acceptable for application of paint coat specified below.

8.1 Apply prime coat specified in Ref.

12.4 CHECKPOINT (LSA Finish Coat): Verify LSA finish coat is applied IAW Table 631-11-1, IV (Cure/Post Cure).

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