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April 5, 2009

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A Primary Mission of the Council is to promote effective means of surface preparation in the maintenance industry using water and water/abrasive blasting techniques.

MSDS and manufacturer’s ASTM F 718 sheets, Shipbuilders and Marine Paints and Coating Product / Procedure Data Sheet for Coating System Being Applied.

Surface preparation, coating systems checkpoints and final inspections shall be signed off by certified coating inspectors.

The implementing contractor shall maintain a certification program for painters working on the project IAW NSTM 631, Section 11.5.

6.2.3 Feather edges of adherent paint in adjacent areas remaining after cleaning. If conductivity measurements for surfaces prepared to an SSPC-SP-11 or SSPC-SP-2 in an isolated area exceed the respective values, circle area and perform spot solvent cleaning (Super High Flash Naphtha) followed by retest.

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