Ergonomics of UHP

April 5, 2009

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The project team will strive to achieve a 50% reduction in total costs associated with the UHP Water Blasting Process through industrial engineering methods, ergonomic analysis, and environmental engineering efforts.

·18 shipyards responded to survey (374 surveys mailed) ·38% of responses indicated that they use UHP Waterblasting for surface preparation ·The respondents indicated that most UHPWJ is performed inhouse, rather than sub-contracted.

·Average production rate reported for manual blasting to bare metal was less than 50 sq ft per man-hour.

·Average production rate reported for closed cycle UHPWJ to bare metal was 200 – 300 sq ft per man-hour.

Will continue efforts in root cause analysis.

Project Status was presented to the NSRP Surface Coatings Panel (SP-3) and the Environmental Panel (SP-1).

The SP-3 planned their fall meeting at Todd Shipyard in October, where a water blasting demonstration will be held with select vendors.

The project status was presented at Ship Production Process Panel Meeting on 8/23/00 in Williamsburg, VA.

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