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April 5, 2009

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A Primary Mission of the Council is to promote effective means of surface preparation in the maintenance industry using water and water/abrasive blasting techniques.

Checkpoints and final inspections shall be signed off by certified coating inspectors.

The implementing contractor shall maintain a certification program for blasters and painters working on the project IAW NSTM 631, Section 11.5. All protective measures are to be in place prior to start of any contamination-producing operations and shall remain in place until the contamination-producing operations are complete.

4.10.4 Accomplish an initial walk-through of all locations aboard ship where contractor responsible work will take place, to observe cleanliness conditions.

Heavily rusted or corroded area, damaged metal and holes in the structure shall be documented and provided to ship’s force and Responsible Contracting Authority to determine if further structural evaluation or NDT is warranted and for possible repair before surface preparation.

Remove all surface contaminants such as sea salts, grease and oil (hydrocarbons), loose rust; mud and marine growth with 3,000-PSI minimum fresh water wash down.

6.6.2 For areas prepared to SSPC-SP-12, UHP water jetted surfaces will retain the surface profile prior to surface treatment.

7.6 CHECKPOINT (Material Storage): Accomplish a visual inspection of material storage facilities 24 hours prior to material being mixed to verify the storage temperature complies within the minimum and maximum range allowed IAW Ref.

7.7 PAINT APPLICATION: The use of brush, rollers, single or plural component spray equipment is acceptable for application of the paint coat specified below. (Dry Film Thickness): Accomplish dry film thickness measurements IAW Ref.

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