Baseline Measurements and Risk Factors

April 5, 2009

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·Atlantic Marine Holding Company – (Prime Contractor) Will contribute shipyard resources and shipyard facility.

· Worker fatigue induced by activities involving prolonged and repetitive use of heavy tools and equipment ·Discharge of water (process and storm water) contaminated with heavy metals into adjacent waterways and onto adjacent property via storm drains and into the ground water by percolation.

·Increasing life cycle cost associated with the surface preparation process.

IE studies were completed on current processes; Current material costs were determined;industry surveys were performed to obtain baseline metrics; metrics validated for fatigue factor inherent in current process; current environmental containment processes were documented and measured.

Task 4: Provide Ergonomic Solutions to decrease the fatigue factor Identify ergonomic risk factors associated with the uhp water blasting process; Implement ergonomic interventions and establish evaluation metrics to measure the impact of the interventions on the fatigue factor.

·Use a support for the forward part of the water-blasting gun instead of asking the operator to reach out and support the equipment all day.

·Currently no accurate system of estimating number of waterjetting injuries ·Majority of Water-jet companies are small “mom and pop” operations with undocumented workers.

Task 8: Perform shipyard trials of the recommended improvements Implement recommended ergonomic, process, material, and environmental improvements; Perform IE analysis to measure the impact of solutions on fatigue factor, safety performance, productivity, and overall cost of process; Implement recommended environmental improvements and measure impact on levels of storm water contamination.

Task 9: Demonstrate final results to industry.

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