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April 5, 2009

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4.1 SAFETY: Accomplish the safety precautions as specified by local instructions, and the Job Order during surface preparation and the application or removal of marine coatings. Personnel shall be adequately informed of and understand hazardous material hazards and the necessary protective measures (by way of hazard communication training), proper disposal techniques and procedures, and access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s). Commensurate with their responsibilities and participation, all personnel connected with these operations shall be made aware of the hazards associated with the handling and use of hazardous and/or flammable materials, as well as the appropriate safety precautions.

Personnel shall wear adequate clean clothing and gloves to prevent skin contact with coating and cleaning materials.

The program shall include minimum training requirements and provide for adequate records verifying the completion and currency of training for each coating specialist involved in surface preparation and application of coatings.

4.2.3 COATING INSPECTOR TRAINING: Documentation shall be maintained verifying that only qualified coating inspectors are used for inspecting preservation work.

7.3 OUT OF SPEC DRY FILM THICKNESS: Failure to meet minimum dry film thickness requirements will result in the application of an additional coat or coats in deficient areas before the coat can pass the DFT checkpoints.

7.4 CHECKPOINT (Powder Coat / Paint Storage): Accomplish a visual inspection of storage facilities 24 hours prior to powder use and paint mixing to verify that the storage temperature complies within the minimum and maximum range allowed IAW Ref.

9.5.7 In order to pass the checkpoint, Appendix 5 and 10 shall be up to date and submitted to competent inspector.

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